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What do we mean by that?
A PERFORMER is a single person who performs (or performed) in Burlesque Shows.

A TROUPE is a group of performers who perform in or host their own Burlesque Shows. Troupe may also refer to the cast of a recurring or touring show.

A PRODUCER is someone who organizes events, but may not necessarily perform in them.

A PHOTOGRAPHER is an enthusiast who frequents Burlesque Shows taking pictures for the performers.

A SHOW is a single date Burlesque Show.

A FESTIVAL is a large scale recurring event that is centred around Burlesque or features some element of Burlesque.

A TOUR is a limited run of shows that travels from venue to venue.

A CLASS is a time and place for instruction in the variety arts.

DR. SKETCHY'S is an anti-art school event with live burlesque models hosted by Dr. Sketchy's (www.drsketchy.com).

A VENUE is any place that hosts Burlesque events, or may be looking to host Burlesque events.

A MOVIE is any short or feature film that features Burlesque or stars an established Burlesque Performer.

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