Burlesque b*

The International Burlesque Circus

the Beastilicious Halloween edition

AKA: Boudoir Noir

De Helling, Utrecht - Netherlands

Oct 26, 2019

Armi Von Vep   -   David Severins   -   Fifi LaRoux   -   Lisa Chudalla   -   Xarah von den Vielenregen

A genuine style burlesque party with a circus twist and high quality burlesque and circus entertainment, retro music, candygirls, charity tombola, absinthebar, Burlesque Circus photobooth, burlesque market and much more. Different themes, taking you back to the real oldschool performance of the Bump n Grind and sideshows from the 50s. Treat yourself to a night of circus and teasing fun. Benefits of the old and the new century. The International Burlesque Circus - The Beastilicious Halloween edition: host: PEGGY LEE COOPER (BE) stagekitten: MAGGIE LEROUX (NL) shows: ARMI VON VEP (FI) DAVID SEVERINS (NL) FIFI LAROUX (IE) LISA CHUDALLA (DE) XARAH VON DEN VIELENREGEN (DE) dj: DJ BEAUTY KEES (NL) vj: V-TOX (NL) extras: Absinthebar by Medusa Beastilicious Photobooth Best Dressed Contest Burlesque Circus Merchandise Candygirls Charity Tombola Fortuneteller Madame Michelle & much more! dresscode: At Burlesque Circus is everybody a V.I.P. So dress accordingly...! There is no binding dresscode, you can come as you are, but we advise to dress up - everything is possible for example burlesque, pinup, rock n roll, dandy, glamour, cabaret, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, chique, drag, circus, freak, clown and everything beastilicious.... tickets: presale: €22,50 door: €30 times: doors open 21h - don't be late, show starts early! www.burlesque-circus.com www.facebook.com/InternationalBurlesqueCircus www.instagram.com/InternationalBurlesqueCircus

FEATURED VIDEO: http://burlesque-circus.com/photos/BC_Beastilicious.jpg

Website: https://www.burlesque-circus.com
Metro Area: Utrecht

Doors Open at 21:00
Show Starts at 22:00
Admission is 22,50€ presale, 30€ door
Venue: De Helling
Venue Website: https://www.dehelling.nl/agenda/19547/the-international-burlesque

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