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The Weasel Roadshow & Friends

Catching a small pickup show by the Weasel Roadshow as they pass through Louisville.

by Alien Twilight Photography

Here I am, back again after a long break. While I may have taken a hiatus from producing the column for a year, burlesque, sideshow and circus performers of all stripes continued to entertain people everywhere. If nothing else this has provided me with a backlog of material to bring to you from the last 12 months. For this entry we're paying a visit to The Weasel Roadshow out of St. Louis. I caught them as they were performing a small pickup show while passing through Louisville, and I'm happy to get the opportunity to introduce you to them.

Your emcee for the evening, Blyre Cpanx

Blyre Cpanx did a great job of keeping the action moving and keeping the audience laughing. The show consisted of a number of different acts of different sorts.

Magnolia Strange - Fire Mini-Hoop Dance

Blyre Cpanx - Burlesque

Lee Mai - Juggling

Dr. Judas Lynch - Escape Artist

A reverse shell game, in which Dr. Judas Lynch hides a large nail under one of the cups and asks a volunteer to keep track of which cup it was under. In this case, it's Dr. Judas Lynch who's gambling on whether or not his volunteer can keep track of the nail.

And now a straitjacket escape complicated by a mouth full of foaming alka-seltzer.

Apparently Blyre Cpanx was called away over the intermission, because the troupe had to call in her grandmother, Grandma Cpanx, to emcee the second half of the show. The family resemblance between Blyre Cpanx and her grandmother was striking. The elderly woman managed as emcee, even if she was given to some degree of forgetfulness of names, rather old-fashioned views of the rest of the troupe, and the occasional fugue state in which she misplaces her clothes.

She began the second half by introducing a guest performer, a local comedian.

Dan Alten - Comedian

Lee Mai - Yoyo

Magnolia Strange - Hoop Flow

I did mention the fugue states, right? Poor Grandma Cpanx tends to get confused and forget where she is at times.

Blyre Cpanx - Burlesque

Lee Mai - Juggling

The last act of the evening was a bit of storytelling by Dr. Judas Lynch, in which he related some of his high seas exploits. The story involved some practical demonstration at some points, including a dramatic recreation of how the pirates chained him, locked him in a bag and threw him overboard to drown. In order to convey things properly, the story involved the entire troupe, plus a couple of volunteers from the audience.

Dr. Judas Lynch - Escape

You can find out more about The Weasel Roadshow at the linked page. You can catch their shows in and around St. Louis or if they are coming through your area on tour. They definitely make for a fun night.

As I said, I have a backlog of material from the past year, so I should be back to producing at least one column a month again, if not more. I look forward to bringing you more of what's going on in the corners of the carnivalesque show world. See you soon!

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Apr 23, 2016.
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