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INDY FIRE! 2017 World Champion of Burlesque!

reigning Burlypicks gold winner

by Burlesque Bitch


The 2017 Burlypicks Finals went down in Denver Colorado, on August 26th. Our team acquired an exclusive interview with this year’s winner: Indy Fire.


After the show we had some time to catch up with him, and get some answers on how he got into burlesque.


1) Q: When did you first start performing burlesque?

Indy Fire: I started performing Burlesque three years ago at The Clocktower Cabaret in Denver Colorado after taking the Burlesque Booty School taught by Midnite Martini and Fannie Spankings.

2) Q: Had you done any other performing prior to doing burlesque?

Indy Fire: I actually have a Theatre Arts degree. I first started theatre in high school as a technician and then became an actor as well:)

3) Q: What were you like in high school, like what table did you sit at, at lunchtime?

Indy Fire: I was a total Theatre kid in high school, I didn't sit at a table for lunch, we all hung out in the theatre room for lunch or loitered off campus. Throughout college I was acting, set & costume designing, as well as directing.

4) Q: What are you currently watching on Netflix or hulu or…?

Indy Fire: I am obsessed right now with Handmaid's Tale, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Black Mirror, basically anything about how terrifying our future could be! But also a huge Game of Thrones Fan, books and all!

5) Q: Do you make your own costumes or where do you get stuff?

Indy Fire: I make all of my own costumes. I have an emphasis in costume design from college. Sewing has become my main career, I work by day for a custom dancewear company, basically I make leotards all day for Ballerinas all over the world. In my spare time, when I'm not making stuff for myself I take commissions for costumes from fellow performers.

6) Q: What inspires you?

Indy Fire: I find inspiration can come from anywhere, most often I hear the song first and the vibe inspires the concept & look.. Sometimes is the concept first and sometimes in the case of Cousin Itt, inspiration was the question of "what's underneath all of that hair!"

7) Q: You won Burlypicks with a Cousin IT number, are all your acts “nerdy” is that your thing?

Indy Fire: Most of my acts would not fall under the category of Nerdlesque, Cousin It was my first Nerdlesque piece, which I made for last year's Halloween season. I do perform in an annual Nerdlesque show at the Clocktower where I also get to be the Golden Snitch who can't be Snatched in a group Quidditch number. My only other Nerdlesque act which I made this Halloween is a Countess act from American Horror Story Hotel. Otherwise the majority of my acts don't have any direct character references. Stylistically, I like to take inspiration from classic burlesque but deliver it in a neo-classic way or by putting a twist on it. Most of my acts push the boundaries of gender norms. In fact I specifically request the emcee when introducing Cousin It to not use gender-pronouns but rather "This performer...This former celebrity...Our favorite cousin" so that my gender gets to be one of the reveals in the act.

8) Q: Where can our audience see you perform in the future?

Indy Fire: I will be here in Denver through the holiday season. I can most regularly be found at the Clocktower Cabaret or the 2nd Sunday of the month at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox. I have a big Christmas Boylesque+Drag show I am producing on December 17th.

Thank you so much for your time, Indy Fire! We will be keeping a lookout for your upcoming performances.

Bio: Indy Fire, the Tender Loin of Tease. I am one-third of Denver's premiere Boylesque Trio known as Burning Loins Boylesque, we are soaked in PBR but dripping in Glitter, once you've been infected by the Burning Loins... There is No Cure. I am the producer of the Queerlesque & Boylesque Revues at The Clocktower Cabaret, as well as the Co-producer of the Addams Family Burlesque Ball.

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jan 12, 2018.
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