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Paya Tension

Luci Ferocious

Temera Titty


Pearl Daggers

Céleste Vé Dette
The Starlet of Timeless Tease ✶ 1st Place & Master of Amazement at the 2018 MIchigan Burlypicks

Jinx De'Vill
Enticing, Enchanting and Tantalizing yet mildly threatening

Nicolette Du Soliel

Lilith Von Trollop

Vanessa Noir

Hollie Blu

Frisky Business
It's always a pleasure doing Business with Frisky!

Dora Belle
The girl next door - just don't follow her into the basement.

Margot Manifesto
The riot grrl who loves to twirl

Hannah the Hatchet
With moves so sharp they could cut!

Ozkr Wyld

Mama Disco
The Biggest Mother in Burlesque

Midnight Snack

ChasTitty Barre
Take one sip and you're sure to be a regular at this titty bar.

Bo Blush
Your Luscious Crush

Vixen Dior
Because playtime should always have a little luxury...

Princess Augusta

Coyote Sparkles
Bloodthirsty Magical Slut Puppy

Essie Hex
She’s hexy and she knows it.

Audrey Azazel
A sparkle covered fallen angel running around and raising hell

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